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Real-time online.... the BIG time!

What was recently a competitive advantage has become a strategic requirement customers expect a fully integrated, multi-channel shopping experience or they go elsewhere. Direct marketers who meet this expectation are gaining greater loyalty and share of customer revenue. 

The e-CAT webstore gives you the ability to deliver a truly integrated, real-time, multi-channel shopping experience.

e-CAT webstore interfaces with your existing operation and makes real-time order, product and customer information available by phone, in a retail store or on the Internet. With e-CAT webstore, you will:

  • Have real-time product availability

  • Have real-time package status and tracking

  • Improve customer service and retention

  • Eliminate order errors and discrepancies

  • Eliminate data imports & exports

  • Reduce customer inquiries and call backs

  • Slash labor costs by eliminating data entry of internet orders

  • Improve PROFITS

Learn how you can integrate your systems and marketing efforts to achieve increased sales, customer satisfaction and profitability with e-CAT webstore. 

Test drive our fully functional e-CAT webstore today.



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