System Analysis

You know what works. Do you know what doesn’t?

Your first step to improved direct marketing performance is to gain a clear view of your current situation. Where can you increase efficiencies, average order size and profits? How can you reduce errors, costs and cycle times? 

We invite you to begin with a free system analysis. Our experts in direct marketing operations can help you identify and prioritize next steps for fastest and greatest return on investment.

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What percent of orders processed are:
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Database - Current System Totals
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Your Fulfillment Operations
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Do you use multiple warehouses?
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How many retail store locations do you operate?
Current System Information

What is your current Catalog Management System?

What is the make and model of the server for this System?

What operating system does the server use?

Would you convert existing data to a new system?


Number of current workstations that are:


Current monthly maintenance charges:



Improvements Wanted
List below any areas of improvement you expect from a new Catalog Management System. Focus on either specific modules or operational processes. If any areas of your current system are extremely vital to your organization, feel free to list those as well.  Thank you for visiting Cypress Business Solutions!

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