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There’s nothing like a fresh perspective to help you identify bottlenecks in your operations and new ways to streamline your processes.

We know how world-class direct marketers achieve superior performance through enhanced processes and technology. We apply our comprehensive experience with direct marketing operations to address key issues of system migration, implementation, customization, integration and support.

Our proven five-step process lowers your risk and speeds your return on investment.

Discovery - Is e-CAT a good fit for you?
Our experts learn about your organization’s objectives and needs, working with you to understand opportunities, obstacles and priorities. We begin with a Cypress System Analysis to identify operational requirements.
Analysis - How will Cypress make this all work?
By reviewing your business and technical requirements in light of e-CAT features, we define any customization needs. We work with you to understand existing hardware, third-party software and data sources, and data conversion requirements from your current system. You come away with a clear and comprehensive plan for a seamless transition to e-CAT.
Development - Let's get down to work!
We create custom programming to integrate your unique requirements within e-CAT. After defining system parameters, we convert your data and perform extensive review and testing to verify its integrity. This phase concludes with extensive training to maximize your IT and operational staffs’ use of e-CAT.
Launch - It's time to go live!
We guide your transition from training to the very first order, from the first package shipped through the End of Day processing. Our thorough methodology ensures launch day marks the beginning of your operation’s enhanced operations.
Support - What's next?
Your e-CAT system gives you the flexibility to grow — with increased profitability, new channels, improved ROI — as your markets and organization change. We partner with you to provide support, upgrades, consultation and customization.

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