December 2005
Barcode Warehouse selects e-CAT!
Cypress Business Solutions, a leading developer of custom order management solutions, today announced that Barcode Warehouse has chosen e-CAT for their order management and fulfillment operations. Using the e-CAT single system approach, Barcode Warehouse ( will automate and enhance its business applications, including marketing, order management, forecasting, purchasing, online shopping, shipping, and customer service.
"Our objective was to find a system that allowed a real-time interface from our e-commerce applications to the internal order management system”, states Carrie Gnatovic, president of Barcode Warehouse. Ms. Gnatovic adds, “ We reviewed several order management solutions and had intended to build a custom solution for the web. The total costs for the integration were far above our budget and forced our management team to reevaluate our options. After reviewing the total system package from Cypress Business Solutions, it was clear that e-CAT was the system of choice. Utilizing one system for both order management functions and e-commerce, is a very cost-effective approach that will provide an immediate return on investment. It was also important to find a company who we felt would provide exceptional support. Having worked with larger software development firms in the past, we felt we would have a more personalized support relationship from a smaller specialized software development firm. Thus far, Cypress fits that role perfectly. They have shown us from the very beginning that they are genuinely interested in helping Barcode Warehouse grow as a company."
About Barcode Warehouse

Barcode Warehouse, located in Acworth, GA, is a specialty retailer of barcode printers and supplies. For more information, call (678) 391-3560 or visit

About Cypress Business Solutions

Cypress Business Solutions is a leading provider of real-time catalog management solutions for direct marketing and e-commerce companies. We’re dedicated to serving small and mid-market retailers with integrated order management, e-commerce, fulfillment and customer service processes that optimize customer loyalty and return on investment. For more information, call (678) 494-9353.

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